Let’s Talk Hair & Skin (My Thoughts on Yves Rocher)

Days here in La Maison Bleue ( yes! you read it right…that’s how I fondly call our home ) are mostly spent with conscious healthy living. Being aware of what goes into my body and mind is important. It is what I learned from years of reading health and wellness topics that everything should be in moderation.  Even the thoughts you entertain can impact your mindset and appearance overtime. 

So this led me to being a fan of everything organic and all-natural. Less perfume, no silicone, no parabens — the better for me. For years I have been loyal to Yves Rocher products. This company bases their products on plant extracts and nature. It is not heavily perfumed and has no (0%) parabens. We know that parabens are cancer-causing ingredient, so we should avoid that. 

I particularly love their body lotions. You will be surprised at the combination of ingredients used! Their lotions are potent enough yet it is absorbed well. No greasy after-feel at all. The only down-side for me is that it has no SPF. So I don’t use them when I’m going out. But I love sleeping on it and when I wake up, my skin is soft from the optimum moisturization it gets.

Another favorite from Yves Rocher is their body washes and shower gels. They make the skin soft and moisturized with only the faintest scent. Makes you really know you get more of the benefit from the organic ingredients rather than synthetic chemicals masked by too much perfume.

Anyone who knows me probably has received an Yves Rocher hand cream!  I love these hand creams so much that I always stock on them. These are my ultimate gifts to friends every Christmas. The hand creams look somewhat the same as my other favorite french brand, though a little cheaper. 

Now, we come to a more serious talk. My hair has always been hard to manage and stubborn. So I resorted to chemical processing, and coloring, even perming. All testament to my restless youth. Now that I am older (and wiser), I have come to accept my natural hair and opted to take care of them truly by using all-natural products. For years now, I’m contented with my hair care products from Yves Rocher.  I just switch shampoo types from time-to-time depending on my need.

Recently, I stumbled upon these two products which is making me smile these days. I use them once every 2 weeks alternating between the two.

I massage the Multi-purpose Flower Repair Oil on my dry hair 10 minutes before I go in the shower.  It is an actual repairing oil that will regenerate the hair fiber.  Then rinse it and shampoo and conditioner as usual. It really makes my unruly hair behave like never before.

The Rinsing Vinegar cleanses my scalp from impurities brought about by shampoo residue that have accumulated over time. It is safe for color-treated hair. I apply it after shampoo and conditioner, leave on for 2 minutes then rinse it with water. Surprisingly, my hair does not smell of vinegar after use.

I love this brand not only because of its use of natural ingredients but also for its responsibility towards the environment. Every product is made with the utmost concern for nature. Do you know that for every product sold, the people in Yves Rocher plant a tree in their farms in La Gacilly, France? How can you not love a brand like that?

Photo from Yves Rocher Philippines Facebook page.

To know more of the wonderful world of Yves Rocher, go to their website or click on this link:


This is not an advertisement. I am not paid whatsoever by Yves Rocher for this article. My thoughts are solely my own base from my experience. 


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